20160324_111110I talked this week to Aaron satterfield who I learned is a  Computer engineering major and a 2nd year here. I found out that like myself he also used to play baseball,  he was Pitcher only on baseball and he doesn’t really play anymore. One thing he likes to do is snowboarding. He is on the Snowboard team here in school. He told me that they made it to nationals so that must m an that they are pretty good. He also loves to eat Sushi of  all kinds. When I asked what animal he would want to be he said that he would want to be an eagle because of the ability to fly. After, we talked  about music where he told me that his favorite band was The Green, a reggae band but also likes to listen to Kendrick Lamar but only lioes his older stuff and not his newest album To Pump a Butterfly.



imageArtist: William Brigham


Media: Metal & Jewelry

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @the_artificery

This weeks artist is William Brigham,  who works a lot with metals. He is graduating this year and talked about how he finds the hardest part of making the metal knives is outing the detailed pattern in the blade. He also compared manipulating metal like clay because how soft metal gets at high heat. He told us that he put in oh so many hours around 100-200 to make his work and when looking at his knives I can tell it took a lot of time.

The formal qualities in Brigham’s pieces are all made of metal. They all have the same dark colors and also silvery color. The pieces made like the metal flower with the roundness shows modern and also at the same time still rustic. Most of his work has texture in the metals especially the knives. Each peice looks like it was made very delicately. They looked very smooth and thin but also sharp and hard.



Overall I enjoyed his peices very much, and I enjoyed looking at the fine details of his metal work in the knives. When he explained how many layed go into making a knife my mind was blown and it made me appreciate the art even more, especially knowing all the hours put into it. His artwork shows how hard metals can me shaped into nice art that can be enjoyed. It made me think of how cars are designed and shaped just like his metal, and the hours of work into making both.

Lazy Tim

Im Lazy Tim, im the inventor of the ever so popular Hover Couch©. I invented the couch because I hated that I would have to get up from being so comfy in order to go to the bank. The Hover Couch© is now available at Sky-KEA and im working on the all new Hover Bed©!

You should visit Samuel Sartoff Seras Slothington III from the planet “Sloth” he loves watching tv on the hover couch.

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WK 8- Artist Conversation- Almira M. Nikravesh


Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal, MDF

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-Gallery East

Website: no website

Instagram: almiranikravesh

Nikravesh is a sculpting major here at Cal State Long Beach who is originally from Iran. She told us that when she is not sculpting she enjoys to work out and lift weights.  But when she isn’t pumping iron she loves to sculpt, and enjoys sculpting because there are no restrictions on the materials she can use here at CSULB. She spoke about how she just enjoys to make things and even called herself a “maker”, and that she picks out what she makes by thinking of her life. She spoke of sculpting as something that she truly enjoys to do.

The qualities of her art are very smooth but also containing enough detail to show us how real she can make things.  There were feet lined up along the wall that where white that looked so smooth that I wanted to touch then, but at the same time each foot had little intricate wrinkles and toe nails that showed just like a real foot would have. The rug she had made was completely full of detail and was just astonishing. I just couldn’t believe how intricate and packed with detail I had, it looked just like an old rug my family had, and to my surprise it was based of of and old rug her family had.

In her artwork, she focuses on her personal life and family. The feet around the room represented everyone including herself  that lived around the original silk carpet it was based on. It was an important symbol to her amd her family so by having the rug as the center of the room we are able to see just how cherished it was. She shows us how her life is incorporated into her art and we are able to get a glimpse of an important piece that family loves.

Overall, I had a good experience as soon as I walked into her exhibit.  I love how she incorporates her life very clearly in her artwork, and how much detail is put in too. Her art is very interesting to look at especially the center rug because of the detail and the back story. I would definitely like to see more of her work because her exhibit showed that she is capable of making her personal likes likeable and enjoyed by others





This weeks art experience was an automatic drawing, and at first I did not know what to expect. When I initially put the pencil on the paper I thought nothing was going to happen but random mindless movements later I started to see just how hard it is to make art without really thinking of what ur doing. In a way its harder doing nothing. You kind of have to detach yourself from your hand for your art not to com out as a detailed face or portrait and by putting less effort into detail you kind of see the truest most simple form of something. I had to do this twice because at first the mechanical pencil I was using was .5 and was constantly breaking with the weight of two hands so a quick change to a .9 was an easy fix. Once the pencil was switched the art became more of a free flow and my friend and I were able to cooperate and just go with the flow. The mood went from waiting to intrigued.

Once we opened our eyes I was expecting to have drawn a 3rd graders rendition of a tornado but to my surprise it was not that messy, still pretty messy but not as messy as a tornado.  We both laughed and compared it to elementary school drawings and continued to see if we can see anything in it. I saw what could be two eyes but then again you can also say u see a tornado. One thing that I liked about having our eyes closed was that there were no mistakes and we couldn’t judge what we were doing while it was happening.  By not being able to erase it it makes us not have to rethink if we are do I the project right thus making it more fun. I would compare this to when I fingers painted in elementary school,  it wasn’t really about what I was painting but it was the fun of having a different way to put paint on the paper. I could even say that it reminds me of Jackson Polok who would splatter paint and see so much in his art work.

Overall this project show me just how interesting art is, and makes us rewind back to our childhood when we were a blank slate of imagination and no boundaries to what we did in art, we could color the sky yellow and the sun black ,or we could have eyes where our ears should be. It kind of shows us that there is no right way to art.



This week i talkes to Chris williams wo is majoring as an Aerospace engineer. This is his 1st year here at cal state long beach and he is stacking up on his units this year so he can have it a bit easier once his harder classes come in the future. Just like all college students chris enjoys sleeping, since he is always doing his school work and he also enjoys browsing social media. Along with his classes he is also participating in lots of club associated with his major. One of those is the circle k club and also aerospace club.
He wants to one day wants to work at NASA or space x or anything that pays well with his major. At first chris wanted to maybe major in astonomy but realized that alot more school time was needed because you need a doctorate for what he said was good money
We then asked some random questions like what animal he would want to be and he said he Would be a bird but doesn’t know what kind and when it came to the power of invisibility or flying he chose to Fly over be invisible. We also found in common thay we both played baseball and that we both had broken our arm. He Broke arm during baseball as a kid while I broke it falling of monkey bars. We then spoke about the occasional Game of thrones episodes we watch and how good pizza is, and lastly we talked about how we used to play video games but with school there really isn’t time anymore.

wk7- artist conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition:  F*Art, Fiber Arts Group Show

Media: Woven cotton yarn, trash bags, and metallic yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: http://ifckr.com/fiberartsclub

Instagram: @fiberartsclub

Alicia Keyworth made one particular piece out of trash bags and was inspired to do so by the Pacific Garbage Patch, a giant patch of trash floating in the ocean because of littering. she created the abstract image to show the reuse of objects like trash bags. She started as a graphic designer and fell in love with fibers. She is also working on getting her single subject teaching credential. During her free time she loves to weave and also loves alpacas. She even went to San Juan Capistrano just to go pet some alpacas. She describes her style as free in the sense of the material she uses but structured when it comes to the process of the material. Her art had some some symmetry and contrasting color with gold and black. the weaving of her trash bags shows just how much time was put into it and it shows the knowledge of weaving she has. Her work focuses on processes from start to finish and by looking at her art you can see that. She likes to reuse scraps from other things like metal scraps for her art and because of that we are able to see different colors within her art. One challenge that she puts on herself is to try and use less color. and her Wasteful Growth piece does just that.Overall her art is a great mix of media that create one unison of multiple objects. This way of making art and re-purposing intrigues me because you are able to get something completely different each time and never run out of original material to use,.

Wk7 “Classmate” conversation- Olga P

IMG_20140620_9 (2).jpg
This week was an interesting and awkward week for classmate conversation, I walked up to someone who I thought was in the class and began my conversation only to find out at the very end of my question filled conversation that I had just interviewed a student who had just happened to stroll into the art exhibit. The conversation went smoothly and I wondered why she wasn’t writing anything down and the reaction when i asked for a photo, but it all makes sense now haha. So I interviewed Olga who is a Psych Student second year who on her free time likes to go to the beach and sun tan, she also used to play softball all four years of high school. We also talked about what music we have both been listening to Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul and also music like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. She also told me that she likes watching music videos all the time and that sometimes she gets lost in them instead of doing her homework. She currently is not driving because she is saving up for a new car, and is taking the bus to school which is the same way I get to school. We both also want to go to Coachella but unfortunately we are both going to miss it this year because of work. She works as a data input for a doctors office and says that she can type pretty fast. Overall I had a very interesting conversation with her just to find out that she wasn’t even part of the class after we had exchanged numbers and I text her two days later.


This weeks art experience was a walk through the campus taking pictures on our journey.  I had decided that I wanted to take some pictures that had interesting angles to the and also take pictures that had lots of color to them.20160225_111309 right off the bat I was able to see that this art walk made me actually look in detail at areas that I pass by on the daily walk to and from class. I noticed a pair of reflective sunglasses and thought how the bright color went with what I wanted to do and I was able to get an interesting picture. As we kept walking I also noticed that there was a group of middle school children who were also walking around, they in a way had to do the same as we did because they were being introduced to our campus just as like how I was introduced to a new way of looking at the places I had seen before.

Next we walked into the game area and I decided to take pictures of three of the table games. My favorite has to be the foosball table because whwn I look at the photo it reminds me of someone peeking in through the whole and secretly watching. The other pictures I liked because it made the tables look so much longer than they actually were. Its interesting how placing a camera a certain way can change a picture entirely,  and how it can create movement in a still photo.

Finally we walked out to the fountain and I wanted to take a picture of how clear, clean, and blue the water looked. I wanted the picture to be engulfed by blue and show the miniature waves and ripples moving the water. On my wall back I took the same path as the art walk and noticed a flower I had walked by and liked the brightness of it and thought that I should be included with the rest of my picture also. This art walk gave us a new lens (no pun intended) that made me focus on the campus that I walk every, making me truly appreciate the small beauties of our campus that are sometimes ignored.

Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Enrique Plascencia

This week i spoke to Patrick Dong, who I found to have a similarity to myself. He is in the Karate club here at university. I found that to be very interesting because I used to do karate and was a second degree black belt. I also found out that he was into anime and that this was his fourth year here and he has enjoyed each year completely. Patrick also likes to watch Korean dramas which also reminded me of the occasional Mexican novelas that I watch. Finally we discussed how both of us just like to hang out with friends and have a good time something that I am sure everyone likes to do when ever they can.20160218_113132.