Wk 15- Classmate conversation-Rejina Hernandez

Regina is a Sophomore who is majoring in Comparative world Literature, and minoring in creative writing.She enjoys reading lots and lots of books, and also likes to relax and watch Netflix.  Regina also likes to bike ride with her friends at the beach and loves the sun. She works hard and studies hard to get good grades She said that taking this class was unexpected but she enjoys  looking at all the art. She is planning on taking some classes during the summer here at csulb and cant wait for summer to begin. Overall, she is very nice and friendly.


Wk 15- artist conversation- Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Printmaking, Ink, Mono prints, Wood, Lithography, Acid, Reliefs, Etching, Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: No Instagram

Amy young is a print maker here at CSULB majoring in print making and about to graduate this semester.She enjoys gardening at her house in Costa Mesa, she finds it very relaxing. Her focus on printmaking shows her attention to detail,and she spoke about how she used to want to be a graphic designer.

Her printmaking consisted of different types of ways to create her art, which I found really interesting. I learned that there are multiple ways of printmaking, and the ones she uses are  intaglio, serigraphy, mono print,lithography, and relief. She uses all these techniques but explained how she used Lithography to make darker lines by soaking the metal with acid.


Her art depicts crows, and she says she that she believes they have a different perspective than what people see, and she says that it is that reason that she chose it as her main art in her show. She spoke about how she would put herself in a new perspective like a crow and by doing this she could look at anything different like California or even her home. She also compared her art journey to crows because it resembles how the crow will nest once it finds the right location, just how it was for her to find printmaking.

Overall, her artwork had a lot of detail in it and I find that the techniques used are amazing. Most of her art was in black and white, and i was able to see each carve and line that was used to create her crows. I also enjoyed what the crows represented, it shows how she is motivated and how that motivation can create beauty.

Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This weeks art experience was very relaxing.  I decided to take pictures of mostly trees but I also liked the water dropping from the bamboo.  I also decided to take pictures of the material that makes up the Japanese garden for my abstract photos. I chose wood, stone, and a flower. The picture of the single flower is also one of my favorite because it stands out with the green leaves. For the drawings I found it very fun because I haven’t had the time to draw in a while. Doing this reminded me of times when I would do alot of art.

My abstract drawings were also very interesting.  I decided to do a blind contour of the flower I saw which was difficult but fun. I also did a normal contour of a waterfall and I made a small structure into a house with a person fishing in it. I like abstract drawing because it forces a person to use their imagination and look at things differently.


Wk 13- art experience- Art care package


This weeks art experience was very interesting, especially when compared to Snapchat. I decided to put in my Art care package both art and everyday things that don’t have much value. I put in a bus pass i used when I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, and also a tag that i thought had a pretty nice message. I also had to add the owl art that i had because i love owls. I also added my personal dollar that has PABLO written on it. I wrote PABLO on it because it was based on Kanye West’s new Album.

When comparing this art experience to Snapchat it bring up the age old question of “what is art”. i would say that Snapchat is different from the art care package because snapchat is only images, and on snapchat they disappear after a certain amount of time. This project shows how something so small can have a significance to someone else. In my case it could be anything as small as a tag from a shirt or tickets from a fun time at the arcade. Art is whatever you make it.



Week 13- Classmate conversation- Sam Tan

sam tan.jpg

I talked to Sam Tan who is a Biology major focusing on molecular cell biology. He told me how the classes are kind of difficult, but he manages to get everything done. He also is trying to get into animation, he even bought some books and is hoping to use adobe to try and learn something new. Sam also likes to watch anime, he told me that he watches all sorts of anime and we began to talk about an anime that we had both watched called Death Note. We also talked about music and how we listen to many kinds, but we found that hip hop like Kanye West and J Cole were some similar interest. Sam also used to play volleyball and told me that he also plays video games like NBA 2k16 and other sport video games.

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Wood, foam, clay, mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

Nicks artwork  shows his interest of taking apart and putting things together to create something new and amazing. He is about to graduate this semester for his BFA in Ceramics.

His art had many straight lines and lots of color. The media he used was clay, paint, lights, grocery cart, plastic skulls, fake legs, and so much more. The way his is set up makes each one seem like its own new creation even though each lit up in the same dark room. He took five days to make his piece that had a grocery cart in it.

Nick’s artwork is meant to show new emotion to art. By adding the neon and black lights he is able to portray a new experience to his art.By doing this he feels that is brings more uniqueness and artistic meaning.

The moment I enter into the exhibit i was mesmerized by the use of light to give off a new mood when looking at art. I liked how the lights were set up so that it looked like beams of light coming out of the art. The way everything is positioned on top of each other made my eyes keep moving to different spots and notice all the small details put into it. His exhibit was like entering a rave and seeing the black light, all that was missing was the bass filled music.


Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: none
Instagram:  none

This weeks artist was Jennifer Chen.Jennifer Chen is on her final semester  here at CSULB in the School of art. She uses photoshop on top of her paintings and the rest of her art.She layers her art to give her art a uniqueness and realistic look. Jennifer Chen also has an undergraduate in biology. Once she graduates she said she wants to teach print making.

Her artwork looks realistic yet still obviously changed by her. When i saw her art, It reminded me of a game i use to play online where they would show you a map and you had to guess wherein the world it was located. Her art reminds me of this game because it looks like a real life map.Her art varies in size, the bigger means the more detail that goes into it. Her art also uses paint and makes her art rally more interesting because it makes me think of all the different steps to making the art She also uses the color to make the art look distorted in a way.

Her art also shows the relationship that people have with nature. what would be normal nature scenery has now become something else because of human greed. She shows the destruction of nature and how nature just takes it.Google maps also plays a part in her artwork, her art is also based on the perspective of the trees and the suburban areas

I actually enjoyed her art, when looking at it i cant help but feel like I am like a bird looking at a distorted/warped world. I liked the use of color to make a unique piece of art.



This week  we did Location Based Gaming (LBG) and we had to use the Geocache app to find someone elses object. I decidded to go get a small box and put it at the park near my house. I call my Geocache What’s in the box ??? The coordinates to my box areScreenshot_2016-04-17-17-11-37[1]

I decided to put some tiny animals into mine along with a note, and i placed it where i believe not many people would walk by it. I chose to put in the animals because i thought that since the whole point is to go outside, might as well go outside and search for an animal or two. Finding something two house the toys was the most difficult part, but after going to Micheal’s I was able to leave the small box in a corner. I chose this park beacus ei remember always walking to it to play as a child, so when i walked onto the grass it felt like a jump back in time. Instead of playing on the playground like i used to, I’m playing a location based game. I thought to myself that instead of an object it would be cooler to just write a note on what the place means to us instead of just off on a scavenger hut. It would be nice to find someones Geocache and find that that spot was where someone proposed, or that that spot was where someone got into a big fight.

Part 2: finding!

When it came to finding a geocache, I saw through the app that there was really only one near me so i went out to go find it. I went to the corner of Walnut and South street and started my search. The only hit that was put on the app was “GC”. I went looking around and at first I saw a Gorilla stuffed animal on the door of the building at the corner, but I knew that was not it because the app told me i was still 20 feet away. I used the app to finally get closer and closed until I decided to look down, and there it was!!! IMG_2198 Crazy to think that someone was passing by and put this on the ground while the cement was still went, and even crazier that someone decided to Geocache that small writing. Just the act of looking around trying to find something that we dont know was really fun, and over all I had a good experience trying to find this little thing that to most people would be meaningless.


This weeks art experience was pretty fun to me. I am not really an Instagramer so for me to actually think about what I should take a picture of was interesting. What I found interesting was that alot of people had similarities to me. One person even posted eat I Chinese food after I had just eaten some, and I saw people post pictures of their shoes just as I did too. We all coil have posted anything but its crazy how we still had similar ideas for pictures. I decided to post two of my four pictures and two pictures from the group hash tag #art110sof16

WK10 – Artist conversations- Helen Werner Cox


Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paint, pastel, Water-based materials: crayons and color pencils

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: no Instagram

For this week’s artist conversation, I talked to Helen Werner Cox. Cox is attendimg here California State University Long Beach. On her free time she enjoys reading, gardening and making puzzles. When it comes to her art, her art represents how society is trapped in a carousel. She compares society to a carousel that goes in circles making mistakes and going nowhere.

The formal qualities of her works are very different depending on the piece. In most of her art depicting the carousels she uses bright purples and yellow with greens, yellows, purples, and all shades of browns. She uses different shapes and lines to create her horses and the detail within her paintings. She also uses lines to create details in the horses hairs and uses lines to show the movement of the horse carousel. I find this the most interesting because by using curved lines to show that the horses are moving around in circles.

Cox is trying to compare society to a carousel and is saying that no matter what the society is stuck in a circle.In her art she makes it seen that although in life we move higher, being a carousel means that no matter how much you move you are still at the same level. She chose to use a horse because they are seen as powerful, beauty, and strong. She also said that she chose a horse because carousels are mostly made up of horses.

Cox’s artwork varies from piece to piece but each work has so much detail and has a overall meaning. Her art is filled with lines and movement that shows how society is like a carousel. Some art has a more serious look by not using much color, but other pieces have so much color in it that it makes you imagine being next to a carousel.  Overall I enjoyed her meaning behind her work and I felt that she is able to portray her meaning through whatever media she chooses.