Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This weeks art experience was very relaxing.  I decided to take pictures of mostly trees but I also liked the water dropping from the bamboo.  I also decided to take pictures of the material that makes up the Japanese garden for my abstract photos. I chose wood, stone, and a flower. The picture of the single flower is also one of my favorite because it stands out with the green leaves. For the drawings I found it very fun because I haven’t had the time to draw in a while. Doing this reminded me of times when I would do alot of art.

My abstract drawings were also very interesting.  I decided to do a blind contour of the flower I saw which was difficult but fun. I also did a normal contour of a waterfall and I made a small structure into a house with a person fishing in it. I like abstract drawing because it forces a person to use their imagination and look at things differently.



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