Wk 13- art experience- Art care package


This weeks art experience was very interesting, especially when compared to Snapchat. I decided to put in my Art care package both art and everyday things that don’t have much value. I put in a bus pass i used when I went to Vegas a few weeks ago, and also a tag that i thought had a pretty nice message. I also had to add the owl art that i had because i love owls. I also added my personal dollar that has PABLO written on it. I wrote PABLO on it because it was based on Kanye West’s new Album.

When comparing this art experience to Snapchat it bring up the age old question of “what is art”. i would say that Snapchat is different from the art care package because snapchat is only images, and on snapchat they disappear after a certain amount of time. This project shows how something so small can have a significance to someone else. In my case it could be anything as small as a tag from a shirt or tickets from a fun time at the arcade. Art is whatever you make it.




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