Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: none
Instagram:  none

This weeks artist was Jennifer Chen.Jennifer Chen is on her final semester  here at CSULB in the School of art. She uses photoshop on top of her paintings and the rest of her art.She layers her art to give her art a uniqueness and realistic look. Jennifer Chen also has an undergraduate in biology. Once she graduates she said she wants to teach print making.

Her artwork looks realistic yet still obviously changed by her. When i saw her art, It reminded me of a game i use to play online where they would show you a map and you had to guess wherein the world it was located. Her art reminds me of this game because it looks like a real life map.Her art varies in size, the bigger means the more detail that goes into it. Her art also uses paint and makes her art rally more interesting because it makes me think of all the different steps to making the art She also uses the color to make the art look distorted in a way.

Her art also shows the relationship that people have with nature. what would be normal nature scenery has now become something else because of human greed. She shows the destruction of nature and how nature just takes it.Google maps also plays a part in her artwork, her art is also based on the perspective of the trees and the suburban areas

I actually enjoyed her art, when looking at it i cant help but feel like I am like a bird looking at a distorted/warped world. I liked the use of color to make a unique piece of art.



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