This week  we did Location Based Gaming (LBG) and we had to use the Geocache app to find someone elses object. I decidded to go get a small box and put it at the park near my house. I call my Geocache What’s in the box ??? The coordinates to my box areScreenshot_2016-04-17-17-11-37[1]

I decided to put some tiny animals into mine along with a note, and i placed it where i believe not many people would walk by it. I chose to put in the animals because i thought that since the whole point is to go outside, might as well go outside and search for an animal or two. Finding something two house the toys was the most difficult part, but after going to Micheal’s I was able to leave the small box in a corner. I chose this park beacus ei remember always walking to it to play as a child, so when i walked onto the grass it felt like a jump back in time. Instead of playing on the playground like i used to, I’m playing a location based game. I thought to myself that instead of an object it would be cooler to just write a note on what the place means to us instead of just off on a scavenger hut. It would be nice to find someones Geocache and find that that spot was where someone proposed, or that that spot was where someone got into a big fight.

Part 2: finding!

When it came to finding a geocache, I saw through the app that there was really only one near me so i went out to go find it. I went to the corner of Walnut and South street and started my search. The only hit that was put on the app was “GC”. I went looking around and at first I saw a Gorilla stuffed animal on the door of the building at the corner, but I knew that was not it because the app told me i was still 20 feet away. I used the app to finally get closer and closed until I decided to look down, and there it was!!! IMG_2198 Crazy to think that someone was passing by and put this on the ground while the cement was still went, and even crazier that someone decided to Geocache that small writing. Just the act of looking around trying to find something that we dont know was really fun, and over all I had a good experience trying to find this little thing that to most people would be meaningless.


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