imageArtist: William Brigham


Media: Metal & Jewelry

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @the_artificery

This weeks artist is William Brigham,  who works a lot with metals. He is graduating this year and talked about how he finds the hardest part of making the metal knives is outing the detailed pattern in the blade. He also compared manipulating metal like clay because how soft metal gets at high heat. He told us that he put in oh so many hours around 100-200 to make his work and when looking at his knives I can tell it took a lot of time.

The formal qualities in Brigham’s pieces are all made of metal. They all have the same dark colors and also silvery color. The pieces made like the metal flower with the roundness shows modern and also at the same time still rustic. Most of his work has texture in the metals especially the knives. Each peice looks like it was made very delicately. They looked very smooth and thin but also sharp and hard.



Overall I enjoyed his peices very much, and I enjoyed looking at the fine details of his metal work in the knives. When he explained how many layed go into making a knife my mind was blown and it made me appreciate the art even more, especially knowing all the hours put into it. His artwork shows how hard metals can me shaped into nice art that can be enjoyed. It made me think of how cars are designed and shaped just like his metal, and the hours of work into making both.


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