This week i talkes to Chris williams wo is majoring as an Aerospace engineer. This is his 1st year here at cal state long beach and he is stacking up on his units this year so he can have it a bit easier once his harder classes come in the future. Just like all college students chris enjoys sleeping, since he is always doing his school work and he also enjoys browsing social media. Along with his classes he is also participating in lots of club associated with his major. One of those is the circle k club and also aerospace club.
He wants to one day wants to work at NASA or space x or anything that pays well with his major. At first chris wanted to maybe major in astonomy but realized that alot more school time was needed because you need a doctorate for what he said was good money
We then asked some random questions like what animal he would want to be and he said he Would be a bird but doesn’t know what kind and when it came to the power of invisibility or flying he chose to Fly over be invisible. We also found in common thay we both played baseball and that we both had broken our arm. He Broke arm during baseball as a kid while I broke it falling of monkey bars. We then spoke about the occasional Game of thrones episodes we watch and how good pizza is, and lastly we talked about how we used to play video games but with school there really isn’t time anymore.


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