This weeks art experience was an automatic drawing, and at first I did not know what to expect. When I initially put the pencil on the paper I thought nothing was going to happen but random mindless movements later I started to see just how hard it is to make art without really thinking of what ur doing. In a way its harder doing nothing. You kind of have to detach yourself from your hand for your art not to com out as a detailed face or portrait and by putting less effort into detail you kind of see the truest most simple form of something. I had to do this twice because at first the mechanical pencil I was using was .5 and was constantly breaking with the weight of two hands so a quick change to a .9 was an easy fix. Once the pencil was switched the art became more of a free flow and my friend and I were able to cooperate and just go with the flow. The mood went from waiting to intrigued.

Once we opened our eyes I was expecting to have drawn a 3rd graders rendition of a tornado but to my surprise it was not that messy, still pretty messy but not as messy as a tornado.  We both laughed and compared it to elementary school drawings and continued to see if we can see anything in it. I saw what could be two eyes but then again you can also say u see a tornado. One thing that I liked about having our eyes closed was that there were no mistakes and we couldn’t judge what we were doing while it was happening.  By not being able to erase it it makes us not have to rethink if we are do I the project right thus making it more fun. I would compare this to when I fingers painted in elementary school,  it wasn’t really about what I was painting but it was the fun of having a different way to put paint on the paper. I could even say that it reminds me of Jackson Polok who would splatter paint and see so much in his art work.

Overall this project show me just how interesting art is, and makes us rewind back to our childhood when we were a blank slate of imagination and no boundaries to what we did in art, we could color the sky yellow and the sun black ,or we could have eyes where our ears should be. It kind of shows us that there is no right way to art.


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