WK 8- Artist Conversation- Almira M. Nikravesh


Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal, MDF

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-Gallery East

Website: no website

Instagram: almiranikravesh

Nikravesh is a sculpting major here at Cal State Long Beach who is originally from Iran. She told us that when she is not sculpting she enjoys to work out and lift weights.  But when she isn’t pumping iron she loves to sculpt, and enjoys sculpting because there are no restrictions on the materials she can use here at CSULB. She spoke about how she just enjoys to make things and even called herself a “maker”, and that she picks out what she makes by thinking of her life. She spoke of sculpting as something that she truly enjoys to do.

The qualities of her art are very smooth but also containing enough detail to show us how real she can make things.  There were feet lined up along the wall that where white that looked so smooth that I wanted to touch then, but at the same time each foot had little intricate wrinkles and toe nails that showed just like a real foot would have. The rug she had made was completely full of detail and was just astonishing. I just couldn’t believe how intricate and packed with detail I had, it looked just like an old rug my family had, and to my surprise it was based of of and old rug her family had.

In her artwork, she focuses on her personal life and family. The feet around the room represented everyone including herself  that lived around the original silk carpet it was based on. It was an important symbol to her amd her family so by having the rug as the center of the room we are able to see just how cherished it was. She shows us how her life is incorporated into her art and we are able to get a glimpse of an important piece that family loves.

Overall, I had a good experience as soon as I walked into her exhibit.  I love how she incorporates her life very clearly in her artwork, and how much detail is put in too. Her art is very interesting to look at especially the center rug because of the detail and the back story. I would definitely like to see more of her work because her exhibit showed that she is capable of making her personal likes likeable and enjoyed by others





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