Wk7 “Classmate” conversation- Olga P

IMG_20140620_9 (2).jpg
This week was an interesting and awkward week for classmate conversation, I walked up to someone who I thought was in the class and began my conversation only to find out at the very end of my question filled conversation that I had just interviewed a student who had just happened to stroll into the art exhibit. The conversation went smoothly and I wondered why she wasn’t writing anything down and the reaction when i asked for a photo, but it all makes sense now haha. So I interviewed Olga who is a Psych Student second year who on her free time likes to go to the beach and sun tan, she also used to play softball all four years of high school. We also talked about what music we have both been listening to Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul and also music like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. She also told me that she likes watching music videos all the time and that sometimes she gets lost in them instead of doing her homework. She currently is not driving because she is saving up for a new car, and is taking the bus to school which is the same way I get to school. We both also want to go to Coachella but unfortunately we are both going to miss it this year because of work. She works as a data input for a doctors office and says that she can type pretty fast. Overall I had a very interesting conversation with her just to find out that she wasn’t even part of the class after we had exchanged numbers and I text her two days later.


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