wk7- artist conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition:  F*Art, Fiber Arts Group Show

Media: Woven cotton yarn, trash bags, and metallic yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: http://ifckr.com/fiberartsclub

Instagram: @fiberartsclub

Alicia Keyworth made one particular piece out of trash bags and was inspired to do so by the Pacific Garbage Patch, a giant patch of trash floating in the ocean because of littering. she created the abstract image to show the reuse of objects like trash bags. She started as a graphic designer and fell in love with fibers. She is also working on getting her single subject teaching credential. During her free time she loves to weave and also loves alpacas. She even went to San Juan Capistrano just to go pet some alpacas. She describes her style as free in the sense of the material she uses but structured when it comes to the process of the material. Her art had some some symmetry and contrasting color with gold and black. the weaving of her trash bags shows just how much time was put into it and it shows the knowledge of weaving she has. Her work focuses on processes from start to finish and by looking at her art you can see that. She likes to reuse scraps from other things like metal scraps for her art and because of that we are able to see different colors within her art. One challenge that she puts on herself is to try and use less color. and her Wasteful Growth piece does just that.Overall her art is a great mix of media that create one unison of multiple objects. This way of making art and re-purposing intrigues me because you are able to get something completely different each time and never run out of original material to use,.


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