This weeks art experience was a walk through the campus taking pictures on our journey.  I had decided that I wanted to take some pictures that had interesting angles to the and also take pictures that had lots of color to them.20160225_111309 right off the bat I was able to see that this art walk made me actually look in detail at areas that I pass by on the daily walk to and from class. I noticed a pair of reflective sunglasses and thought how the bright color went with what I wanted to do and I was able to get an interesting picture. As we kept walking I also noticed that there was a group of middle school children who were also walking around, they in a way had to do the same as we did because they were being introduced to our campus just as like how I was introduced to a new way of looking at the places I had seen before.

Next we walked into the game area and I decided to take pictures of three of the table games. My favorite has to be the foosball table because whwn I look at the photo it reminds me of someone peeking in through the whole and secretly watching. The other pictures I liked because it made the tables look so much longer than they actually were. Its interesting how placing a camera a certain way can change a picture entirely,  and how it can create movement in a still photo.

Finally we walked out to the fountain and I wanted to take a picture of how clear, clean, and blue the water looked. I wanted the picture to be engulfed by blue and show the miniature waves and ripples moving the water. On my wall back I took the same path as the art walk and noticed a flower I had walked by and liked the brightness of it and thought that I should be included with the rest of my picture also. This art walk gave us a new lens (no pun intended) that made me focus on the campus that I walk every, making me truly appreciate the small beauties of our campus that are sometimes ignored.



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