WK 4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing

This weeks art experience was Graffiti. I have had experience with graffiti but only with stencils. I had done a Marilyn Monroe and also a hammer and clock that i put on a stop sign. (stop hammer time! get it? ) I had almost forgotten to do the project since it is valentines day, but i managed to do it very quickly in 7 min. Snapchat-3634754233183372714i started off by finding some spray paint colors in my garage and grabbed the wood that i had used for a project a few weeks ago. Then I outlined my name in black to start it off.Snapchat-74518730597932861

as soon as i made the first letter i realized i made it to small so i came up with the idea to make each letter gradually get bigger. and then began to fill it in with red.

After I filled in the letters I put a cross on my O and my A and then had fun with it.Snapchat-7211225169611939171

This project was really fun I feel i might paint over the one i made in the future and try again with more detail and better colors and brand, maybe even buy some different caps for them.


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