Wk3-Classmate conversation- Danielle Garcia

This week I spoke to Danielle Garcia, as we walked around looking at art I learned that she works at Disneyland. Although she loves working there, one of her big pet peeves is when people have strollers in peoples way at Disneyland. One thing that is super cool about Danielle is that she is Vegetarian! how long you ask? five and a half years! I couldn’t even do it for a month. She also is an animal lover and owns a pug named Miles who is 14 years old. She got Miles as a sweet 16 gift and has loved him since then. Danielle also likes going to raves and her favorite colors are green and pink. She also wishes to go to Japan one day because she is super into the kawaii culture, she even took Japanese all four years of high school. She’s very chill and likes to look at the different geometric shapes in abstract random looking art, and also does not use snapchat but was able to download and use it to take a pretty funny picture of the two dogs fighting on the art piece.

Danielle Garcia’s

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