Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://joshvasquez.com/

Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate student in the BFA Painting and Drawing Program at the CSULB School of Art. His gallery took about six months to complete and his artwork varied from portraits which were in a way dark and he also had roses spread on the ground. his use of dark colors like black and grey would contrast with the white and give an image of death. The skull images definitely showed death also. The only color I did see however where the color of the flowers  on the ground, and those too were dead. They looked as if they where ready to turn to dust just by touching it. The artwork itself was smooth and curvy, also very bold in a way that made me just want to stare. 

His art showed the color black and white and the representation between life and death He stated that he  takes out his frustration into his art, and that he himself is in a different mental state while working on his art. His artwork shows a kind of Yin Yang/ reciprocal/ contradicting art. He showed black vs white, and glass vs canvas. These artworks show opposites coexisting to create something in unity.

This art gallery was very interesting to me, and I very much enjoyed it. the room itself was lit in a way that made the artwork feel that it was meant to be there, and the contrast of dark and light showed that it was made that way on purpose. When looking at the art you can automatically tell that there was some deeper meaning to it, and death was a very obvious one in my opinion.


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