Wk2-Art experience-Plaster Casting

This project went well, even though it was my first time doing something like this. I started off by digging dirt and putting it in a bucket 20160131_092811

this ended up being super messy since i decided to do it Sunday morning right after it rained. I had a harder time finding good dirt to use since most of the dirt in my back yard was mud. I soon realized that the bucket was too small for my full hand plaster so i decided to put it in a bigger bucket and use the smaller one to mix the plaster and used a cut carton for water.

i inserted my hand into the new bucket and stopped once it was at my wrist and then carefully added the plaster.20160131_095104

I then went inside to wash my hands and decided to make a well deserved burrito for all my work. Once my burrito was completely eaten i went and carefully took out the plaster and brushed some off the dirt.Snapchat-1135490305752511939

I really like how my plaster ended up, my favorite part is how u can still see the nail of my thumb and the palm of my hand. My hands were definitely dirty and full of both plaster and muddy dirt. Although some of my wrist had broken off from it, it is still clearly visible that it is a hand. Overall fun experience and very messy, i feel that it definitely would had been easier if i had either done it at the beach or if it had not rained the entire night before.


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